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Team HappyCamper

In this world we are nothing without each other. Team HappyCamper celebrates the events that bring us together for physical activities.


Register for the Vancouver Triathlon HERE.

-Sign up for any event distance that you want to.

-There is not an option for a varied team so it’s an individual sign up, unless you want to do a relay.

-Most people are signing up for the Sprint distance.

Super simple training program

Couch to Sprint Beginner Training Program

Tridar beginner training program

Downloadable PDF’s here

Here’s another 12 weeks to your first Tri program pdf

Food & Nutrition information soon to come!



Team HappyCamper Intro

by Nicole Donnelly

Hello Team! (and those who will be cheering us along)

I’m happy to welcome you to the HappyCamper world where everything is possible.

On the Team HappyCamper page we have posted a link to the Vancouver Triathlon registration page as well as some training links. We’ll be posting articles on fitness, nutrition, training, and gear in the coming weeks and months as we count down to Sept. 7th.

Please sign up for the email newsletter so that you will be informed to the group training and education opportunities. Every trainer or expert that I’ve asked to do a session for us has said yes! We have some incredibly inspirational people right here in Vancouver, such as Meyrick Jones of Innovative Fitness.

If you are not participating in any of the Triathlon events, please join us in cheering on those who are. We do need some photos 😉 It means so much to have friendly smiling faces by the sidelines cheering you on, the more the merrier, kids, friends, families. It’s a fun and inspiring event for all.

Please think about sponsorship. Do you work somewhere or have a company that would like to sponsor the Team HappyCamper? We could use the funds to pay for a private open water swim lesson or post event tent or matching socks. Whatever you or your company can contribute is greatly appreciated. Please email with sponsorship opportunities.

1B stands for 1 Billion! That’s how many HappyCampers we are out to create. Thank you for playing in this big game with us!


P.S. Look at the pics below and note that I’m happy and I’m not alone. Somebody had to take the pics and somebody is there sharing in the training or in the race. YOU will have fun, train, and we will finish together!



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