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Rash to Riches

I have spent the last 10 years in the gift and baby industry, first as the creator of BabyLegs®, and then coaching others to get their products out into the marketplace. I’m excited to offer you a chance to learn it all, very quickly!

It’s not rocket science, it’s very simple once you know:

  1. How the industry works
  2. What the expectations of a product/brand are
  3. How buyers make their decisions (& where to find them)
  4. How to get people to want what you have


In the R2R 6 week course you will learn it all!


  • How to set your pricing
  • Packaging requirements
  • Manufacturing – Local and Overseas
  • How to work with chain stores
  • What times of the year is best to sell to buyers
  • Tradeshow strategies for maximizing your ROI
  • How to get continuous press for your brand (after 10 years I’m still getting it!)


You will also get a FREE 46 page industry specific SOCIAL MEDIA PLAYBOOK that contains everything you need to do to leverage social media at tradeshows and in your business year round.

When you sign up for the Rash to Riches 6 week course you will receive weekly emails with reading and assignments as well as weekly open Q&A sessions for your specific speed bumps. I will also have a few first come first served, office hours 2 days a week. I want to make sure you quickly get through every question that you have. The private R2R Facebook group will be the ideal place to post questions so that everybody can benifit from the answers.

Sign up HERE!

YOU WILL encounter bumps along the way, it’s simply a matter of how quickly you get over it and move on. With the support of the community and myself you will be able to break through barriers much more quickly than doing it alone. I know what it’s like to start something, it’s a lot of work and can be lonely. There is no need to be alone anymore. Join the club now!


You may also choose to do 1:1 coaching and/or participate in the Rash to Riches Mastermind group.

In the personal coaching or R2R Mastermind, you will gain access to my personal resources for manufacturing, fulfillment, and any other needs that you have.

If either of these interest you please indicate that on your contact form and I will personally contact you to set up a 15 min. chat to see if it’s a good fit for us both.


Get your ideas out there! Sign up NOW!


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