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HappyCamper™ Mission :

Share HappyCamper™, make somebody’s life happier, every day.

How HappyCamper™ Came To Be

by Founder, Nicole A. Donnelly

When my daughter was a baby she had diaper rash quite often so I’d cut off my snowboard socks and pull them up over her little legs to protect her knees when she was crawling and keep her warm while her little buns got some “air time”. These BabyLegs® were popular with her friends so, I created a company, and over the next few years, grew BabyLegs® into a global brand.

The growth was fast and highly stressful going from pro-snowboarder to mom to selling over $1 million dollars of BabyLegs® in just a couple of years. Then to over $4.3 million in the next couple of years, increased staff, and distribution in over 35 countries with sales in all Target and Nordstrom’s in the U.S. Stress was mounting daily.

To learn how to deal with the stress more effectively, I took every course that I could through the Entrepreneur’s Organization and finally came home with some really applicable tools to use with my family and in my business. After selling BabyLegs®, I adapted these tools into a super simple form and created a poster for our wall at home for my sweet Sara to use to help her cope with her 7 year old emotions. I would often refer to the HappyCamper™ poster for my own emotional “monsters”.

After selling BabyLegs® in 2010, I started a social media company SaltyWaffle® and in the last year found myself talking about the HappyCamper™ model more than social media so I knew it was time to sell SaltyWaffle® and take this on full time. When rooms full of 9-11 year olds, high school students, and busy entrepreneurs spontaneously applauded, I was moved to tears and knew that I was sharing a message which people needed and deserved to hear.

The HappyCamper™ poster has helped Sara and I talk through issues, regardless of emotions, over the last few years. Now that she’s getting older and the monsters she’s facing out there in the world are more frequent and severe, I know she’s well equipped to navigate some very challenging social situations. At 9 years old, Sara arrived at her new school and within a couple of months she disarmed the school’s biggest bully for good.

I’m now leading a mission to make sure that every child in my daughter’s generation has access to the HappyCamper™ model. This means that all of the educators, parents, and adults that support the kids also need this education. Yes, we are taking on the world, or at least 1 Billion people for now. It’s now our business to share the HappyCamper™ model throughout as many business, professional, and community organizations as we possibly can. Behind the scenes we are also growing the online & mobile content, and we can’t wait to show it to you when it’s ready!

If you would like to learn more, please hire us do do a Lunch ‘n’ Learn or class for you, sign up for our newsletter & attend a free webinar, apply for an internship, volunteer as a guest contributor, refer a friend or business associate, or join the Team HappyCamper! Thank you for reading. Have a happy day!

Nicole’s Short Bio: (for press)

Selling cookies for profit as a little girl was the first in a long line of successful entrepreneurial ventures. Whether I was riding off a big jump at the X Games as a world-class professional snowboarder or launching, growing, and ultimately selling BabyLegs, a multi-million dollar international business, to a major manufacturer for a price that exceeded even my own high expectations, performing at the top of my game has always been priority one. Today, I am fiercely committed to sharing the powerful lessons learned along my journey to empower aspiring entrepreneurs to travel their own remarkable, memorable, and profitable paths to success.  What I know for sure is that there is marketplace magic in finding extraordinary solutions to common problems. It’s just a matter of making the right steps, taking the right risks, and being prepared to pick yourself up and keep going when things don’t go your way.

HappyCamper™ Mission :

Share HappyCamper™, make somebody’s life better, every day.

HappyCamper™ Values :

Fun : don’t take yourself too seriously

Hip : always new, constantly cool

Authentic : respectful communication

Care : for the community

Purposeful : in actions & design

HappyCamper™ Vision :

A happier world one relationship at a time :)

Access for all to the HappyCamper™ way of life through print and digital media to eradicate bullying behavior for generations to come.

The HappyCamper™ emotional intelligence model is being made into a guide book, a teacher book and also books for kids.

We are also developing supportive emotional intelligence products (app, a game, etc.) to support customers in being Happier.

We will give 50% of profits to social causes and build this business in a socially responsible way.

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