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When was the last time you celebrated anything? If you have a kid, it was likely not too long ago. Kids are excited about everything, especially the little ones. By her early morning declaration, my daughter has the “Best Day Ever” almost every day.


Why not pop out of bed thinking that today is going to be the “Best Day Ever”?! It’s a choice. As a night owl, I prefer the best night ever, however, having a kid who’s up early and in a super good mood….I choose “Best Day Ever”.  Right now I’m faking it till I make it. One of these days I’ll actually feel like it is the “Best Day Ever” instead of, “dear child it is too early for mama to get up”.


Take off those dingy adult glasses, smudged with cynicism and for today be thankful for every little thing as if you were a kid again seeing it for the first time. Notice the cool shapes in the shadows on the sidewalk or clouds in the sky. The beautiful lady bug or butterfly flying by. The cute little birds out for a snack or the really cool bike locked up in the bike rack.


My daughter reminds me how wonderful the world is every day. Who am I to squash her joy and bahumbug it away. Today this night owl will rise and shine, to enjoy the dawn light that is oh so divine.


Imagine growing old, light in your eyes,

Joy always yours, even through goodbyes.

In the morning you wake,

A new outlook you’ll take.

Your increase in happiness will surely surprise.


XO- Nicole A. Donnelly, HC

HappyCamper for life 🙂

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