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“Where do you keep your audio books? iTunes? Audible?” My friend asked me last night. I said that I keep them all in iTunes, some are in my music and some are in my audiobooks. The old school ones are in music format. “I can get it for free from Amazon if I sign up for some service,” he says. “It’s free in 2 parts on YouTube.” And how much of your data plan will you be using listening to 7 hours in the car?

The monologue of alternatives continues. I mentioned that he’s just spent his $ in time trying to decide which to go with. The lack of efficiency just cost both of our time which we will never get back.

Why not keep them all in one place? Pay the $23 and save time by not searching your services or devices for where it went and always get from one reliable service on one device. That’s where efficiency may cost a little more in $ and save you in time spent which is where the real money is.

What is more important to you?

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