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by guest contributor, Aubrey Wursten


Travis Bradbury, contributor to Forbes, asserts that the reason individuals with average IQs outperform those with the highest IQs in 70% of studied cases is likely that some “average” folks are more emotionally in tune. Social science specialists long theorized that intelligence quotient (IQ) was the primary predictor of success, they are rapidly adjusting that paradigm to more heavily emphasize the importance of emotional intelligence (EQ). In his 2014 New Year’s Day commentary for Financial Post, top executive coach Ray Williams contends that emotional intelligence is not just one predictor of success, but is in fact the biggest predictor.


This idea may help to explain situations such as that of Henry VIII, who although unusually intelligent (and attractively royal) did not find particular success in his love life. He did not even manage to amass an enthusiastic fan club in his kingdom, despite his wit and status. As evidenced by his tendency to impulsively order executions of wives and enemies, poor Henry was probably not well liked because he was just not very emotionally savvy.


Huffington Post’s Dr. Ali Binazir, author of The Tao of Dating, sums up this phenomenon in his article, “Why the Smartest People Have the Toughest Time Dating.” Although it focuses on romantic relationships, the principles can easily be applied to all social interactions, including those in the home, workplace, school, and athletic team. What is Dr. Binazir’s explanation for the recent study findings? “Smart people spent more time on achievements than on relationships when growing up.”

Do you need higher EQ? Fortunately, good news awaits those who feel they need to increase their EQ. Unlike the rather rigid IQ score, EQ can be developed through education and practice. As psychology expert Kendra Cherry notes, the subject has even become a mandatory part of the curriculum in some schools. Far from being predetermined, EQ expands and blooms as it is nurtured.


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