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How do you react when lines are super long and you “lose” time? Things don’t go as planned, how do you react?

Most people’s “commander” comes out and barks orders as to how things should be. This is because our sense of control is threatened. The “attacker” could also berate people for their incompetence, for surely they are to blame for this delay.

Yesterday I drove from Vancouver, BC to Seattle and had some unexpected delays. The first was at the border where I got pulled in and asked an unusual amount of questions before being released. When I get pulled in I do my bet to strike up a friendly conversation with the officer which is more often than not met with curtness. Yesterday Officer Jacobson was pretty warm. It wasn’t easy to keep my cool as the questioning was extensive and repetitive and I just wanted to get out of there and be on my way. Attacker is what wanted to come out…”this is stupid.” Then who would I be being if a little detention (60 min) got to me. Certainly not a HappyCamper.

Then further down the road in Bellingham, WA, I decided to finally get an oil change, which my car was long overdue for, and the lineup was extra long. I almost didn’t go, but my car really needed it, so I waited for an attendant to come over and tell me how long it would be. Yikes. *gulp* Ok. At lease it was a sunny day.

Across the street from the Jiffy Lube is Barnes & Noble and Pier 1 Imports, I walked in the warm sun to wander around Barnes & Noble (video) for a bit and look at inspiration for my next book cover I went through the different sections and thought itI went to the different sections and photographed covers that I liked took a look at the inside of some journals that were interesting took pictures of pages. And just spend the time taking it all in.

When I had my fill at Barnes & Noble, I walked out and saw that my car wasn’t even in the bay yet. At first I felt a bit of frustration, I HATE to be late,  so I took a breath and chose to happily wander over to Pier 1 Imports. They always have nice shiny objects and pretty things, with places to sit and look at it all. I’m always looking for visual inspiration. Looking at a piece of art or beautiful pansies brings happiness to my heart and soul.

Here’s a video I made at Pier 1 Imports.

When you have changes to your schedule how does it affect you? What monsters come out?


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