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Do you ever get so frustrated with your kids (you look at them with love) and have a hard time keeping your cool? Do you ever lose your cool? Do you ever yell at your kids?

In that moment you are telling your kids, “Calm me down!” “I’m losing it!” And you may or may not actually say it 😉

Now imagine being able to see yourself, like watching a movie. Imagine that you take a step back and start to get curious about what’s going on when you “lose it”. What do you say? What do you really want and need?

Even in the greatest storms the ocean is always calm at it’s depths.

What if you could access that calm when the worst storms are happening?!

When you begin to live with the HappyCamper model in your home your entire family will have access to this peace.

Another point of access is meditation, even just 5 min when you lock yourself in the bathroom to keep the rugrats away. Have a guided meditation easily accessible on your phone so you can do this anywhere. Before picking your kids up from school when you are waiting in the car, take that moment to access your call deep sea. Ideally you’ll meditate for 20 min 2x a day. I know it sounds like too much right now, but it’s addictive so, you’ll want to soon enough.

To get a calm body you may also need magnesium, it helps you sleep and helps your muscles relax. It’s often available with calcium and other relaxing minerals.

Exercise is also a great regulator. If you don’t exercise you are likely to get much more irritable, be quicker to anger, sadness, depression. Give yourself the best chance of being a peaceful parent and get physical!

XO -Nicole A. Donnelly

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