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This was the question posted on FaceBook by a friend of mine. I was not raised to say “I love you”, and I didn’t feel comfortable saying it until I had my daughter. The hormones and this little baby opened up my heart and shined a light on my capacity for love. That love has been on ever since.

Every commenter to the FaceBook post had their own reason why, like if they never saw the person again they’d want to have their last words be “I love you”. The response was overwhelmingly for saying “I love you” as much as possible.

From an emotional intelligence point of view when you feel loved you can give more of it. You can be an effective coach, teacher, team leader, and friend. When I send my daughter out in the world and she if full of love, she can go to school and give love to others. She comes from a foundation of love, no matter how much people try to knock her down, I will always do my best to give her what I can, while I can so that she is that much stronger.

Do you find it harder to do with your friends? With adults? How do you express your love?

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