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Values :

Fun : don’t take yourself too seriously

Hip : always new, constantly cool

Authentic : respectful communication

Care : for the community

Purposeful : in actions & design


Mission :

Nourish 1 Billion Souls – emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually.


Vision :

Access for all to the HappyCamper way of life through print and digital media to eradicate bullying behavior for generations to come.

The HappyCamper emotional intelligence model will be made into a parenting guide book, a teacher book and also books for kids. We will develop curriculum and books for different ages of children as well as an interactive site that teachers and students can use. They will also help us develop the teacher materials.

We will also develop supportive emotional intelligence products (app, a game, etc.) to go along with the model along the way.

First the U.S., the. Canada and other English speaking countries and then the world!

We will give 50% of profits to social causes and build this business in a socially responsible way, take actions to qualify for B Corp status.

By 2020 we will make sure that 400M books are shared with the world.

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